Monday, October 18, 2004

Everything's relative

My first posting..nothing much actually. I am at the Library at 4:30 in the morning wondering if Newton and Einstein were upto the same thing i am upto right now when they thought up whatever they did! If they were, I hope that i too get a flashing bulb that could make me a millionaire overnight(i do understand the flaw in the didnt make either of them one..but then there is always a first time!!)

Talking of Einstein, I think time is INDEED relative ( i know that my denying this is going to make absolutely NO difference whatsoever either to me, Einstein or the rest of the world!!). It seems as if the last time it was Monday morning, it was 15 years back. But then, I do know that it was Friday night 15 minutes ago!! I am of the most sincere opinion that God has this VCR Remote kinda thingy which He/She/It uses to "Fast Forward" my weekends. Damn Him/Her/It!!!

I am curious...Is everything relative; is there an absoluteness in anything in the world?Every man tries to be healthier, wealthier, faster, handsomer,manlier etc, etc than everybody else he knows, doesnt know and even the ones he most certainly will not get to know. My take on derives satisfaction not by matching his need but by out-matching everyone else's.


Anonymous nivi said...

Well interesting that you should wonder on these lines.

I guess its a little bit of both. As a person almost all of us want a good house, a good partner, a handsome salary etc. But then not all of our needs are always based on the next person.

We all know millionaires, billionaires, not each one of our wishes is to become one of them.

So i think its a bit of both, first absolute and then a little relative.

6:55 PM, September 28, 2008  

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