Saturday, November 13, 2004

A beautiful day today was

Its raining in the mountains. I can see it. I can see the dark clouds on top of the mountains. I can see the dark moving yet unmoving haze in in the space between the clouds and the mountains. I can also see the rays of sunshine penetrating through the parting in the clouds. The green of the trees atop the mountains shows in the light. Its cold and warm at the same time. The warmth of this pleasurable chill gets through to me. Inspite of all my fears and insecurities in life, I cant help but enjoy the scene thats painted for me.

I walk on....the black tar roads embroidered in yellow by the fallen leaves of the trees, the bright red of the small fruits of the trees. I can see it. There is a conflict within me; should I be brood ing about my own life or should I be basking in the warm-cold sunshine of this November morning....


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