Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Laments and Musings

As the Cumuli and the Cumulonimbi shrouding the sun finally decide that Newton was right after all, and then in one "Aah what the hell!" dash come swooping down on the more rational forms of matter which have either had a more resigned attitude towards Sir Isaac all along or are still miffed with the darned apple for having fallen in the first place (basically, it was raining), of course, none of which I can see from the wall-locked cubicle of mine, I realize that the season of lament has begun. Having done my share of the work from the first phase of my project and my wits' end on the rather pesky problem that creeped up from nowhere in the next phase,I realize that there is nothing more to be done here anytime soon and get started with another one of my meandering streams of thought. I am no more philosophical than the next bloke but its when these things happen to you that you get a deep understanding of what Bertie was talking about everytime one of his chums who was off his onions would come and ask him to propose to a rather loony specimen of the gentler sex on his behalf or everytime he is sitting in his bath and splashing around his scrub when the air of joie de vivre turns foul, a sense foreboding shows itself somehere below the belly, soon is all over him and all too suddenly he gets a telegram from his Aunt Agatha saying," I will be in London today and will be lunching with you". Its as if Fate decides that its at the peachest of times that she would have a go at you in the neck! But I digress..

The point is this. I am a month away from completing my internship. I have made decent money, brought myself a laptop and on the whole life was going okay. As I was telling my friend the other day, it was the time when "all's well with the world, everyone is in good shape, the yin and the yang are in homeostasis, Ahura and the Daevas are at peace and its one of those cheery days when one would like to have egg and bacon made from pigs that died contended with their life of charity...but then, life here had ceased to have flow of any kind, a kind of stupor if I might say so..which in a way is a good thing". So come August 1, its back to grad-school and the life of worries, constant penury, budweiser weekends and research. But at least, there is a sense of moving forward with life. At any rate, I don't think I will have to worry about weighty issues like trying to write code to distinguish bi-modal projection profiles from mono-modals and will finally be able to close my eyes without having ridges, whorls, deltas, minutiae and frequency modulated Gabor envelopes hovering before them. in grad-school, its going to be pseudo-inverses and Bx, By and Bz's in rotational frames of reference! But truth be told, it really ain't as bad as that. In fact, I wouldn't mind too much if the Bz's danced with PIs to a few Waltzes :-).

Right now, its back to work...peace to everyone.


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