Monday, March 06, 2006

Marlboro bye-bye

The funny thing about smoking is that before you start smoking, your life is satisfied (yeah the craving for sex is still there..but hey who can blame me for that!). And then you take that one cigarette and life somehow seems better. Then you quit smoking and you expect that life would go back to how it was before. But then it doesn't, does it?! The craving for nicotine-minus (thats the stereo-isomer that works..Am'nt I the next Einstein!) works differently.

Think of it this way.Have you had that itch in the small of your back that you can't seem to get to! And the only way you are going to get to it is if you put your hands in your back and wiggle your torso around as if you were trying to catch a dog having a go at you because it has been led into thinking that the nape of your neck is the piece of steak the local butcher had promised it last week, or if you rub your back against the nearest wall you can find (Thats going to look elegant)...Or that rather urgent call of nature you need to answer that you get ten minutes into the three hour meeting with the CEO of your company. It doesn't hurt you. You can live with it. But boy will you you be cross with life or what! This craving is like that. You will go about your life like nothing happened. But when the craving hits, hits you like a sock filled with wet sand.


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