Monday, July 24, 2006

Mujhe pyaar huaa allah miya...

I just saw 'Swades'...and I fell in love with the only saving grace of the movie..Gayathri Joshi. In the eternal words of Thalai, "Kaadhalin 1000 watts bulbe ethinaale en nenjil"! Apart from the usual melodrama, the constant rant about how everyone should ask what they have done for the country, the silly turn-around-and-gaze-with-sleepy-eyes looks of SRK, the cheesier-than-the-world's-largest-mousetrap dialogues about sanskar, parampara and the rest of the works we have been listening to in all the Jai Hind movies(PS: The award still goes to Arvind Swamy for that extinguish-the-flag scene with the crescendo of ARR running in the background in 'Roja'. God! I was so embarassed I was about to tear the skin off my body), there wasn't anything else to the movie other than that PERFECT figure of Gayathri (my doll).

This brings me to the main ranting of mine. How long are we going to cling on to the same old horse-shit that MK Gandhi & JN talked about. Its fine for 10 year old kids who have but the slightest idea about their identities. But please why us grown-ups. Why?! Call me crazy but I am a lllittle more aware of the situation in India than a 10 year old. I say India is fucking filled to the brim with corrupt politicians and officials, poverty and illiteracy and what do the optimists have to tell me.."we have parampara and sanskaar"..."We are the oldest civilization in the world". Just one thing people, you have been sitting on that for a lllong time. Its time to get up, scrap the shit you give yourselves off your ass and move forward! Ah and before I forget, all those things we rant about are strengths only if we can use them. If not, its as good as a bumpy ride through the roads of Nanganallur-a pain in the arse!

But then ranting about such weighty matters do not become I shall laze around, think about Gayathri babe and say to one and all," Peace to you matey!".


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