Wednesday, January 03, 2007 I get it..Actually I don't!

"This is a capitalists' plot to undermine the Revolution" - Khrushev. "This is a part of Sa-damn's plan to acquire nukelar weapons of mass destruction" - George W. Bush. "This is a conspiracy of the Pakistani terrorists" - our very own "Captain" Vijaykanth. Thats what these people would have had to say about the concept of graduation had they attended grad school. You ask me why I feel this way. What is a man to do when, two and a half years and 94 pages into his thesis, his advisor points out a new, and worse than that, an elementary view order which he had overlooked, and when he simulates it gets results that better the ones he has published, and more importantly, has in his THESIS. In the words of Agent Smith,"What do you do Mr. Krishnovich, what do you do?". Imagine a man stranded in an island (and for convenience, we shall assume that there are NO naked women in the island, so he has all the reason in the world to get the hell out of there. If there were, I don't see why he would even dream of it..but then, as always, I digress..). What if he sees a ship in the distance - the only flaw in the scenario being that the ship doesn't see him. Imagine his WTF-ness at that point in time..Believe you me my friends when I say that I would gladly trade places with that man at the blink of an eyelid.

But damn it all! As long as I know I have a closed form for the recording density for Contraint 6 (its a different issue I can't get a limit as n tends infinity, but that shall be in another post), I don't care too much of a fuck!

PS: Things have changed since the time I claimed to have found the recording density for Constraint 6. Turns out I haven' to square one.


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