Sunday, November 21, 2004


The joke...has been a long standing one at that. Is it getting stale or is it getting a little too serious for me to handle?! I am confused. I have to confront the facts soon...At least before it bursts on my face and becomes embarrassing for me and everyone else involved. Dont know if I will though!

My almost ruthless logic and reason says it can't and shouldnt happen to, of all people, me. But something else in me says otherwise!! Not able to reconcile between the two. I am realizing, not for the first time, why objectivity and emotion are mutually exclusive; one is lost in the presence of the other. Taking it a little further, one thrives in the absence of the other.

The bigger picture: Objectivity is my final frontier. But something just stops me from shaking away this feeling inspite of the warnings the sane mind of mine is giving me. One thing is for sure. I will soon have to wretch one of them out of my system or its just a matter of time before it will return to bite me in the ass.

Time, with its ever-present and all-knowing wisdom, I think will help me sort it out....hopefully....


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