Tuesday, September 06, 2005

On sleeping patterns!

Long time since my last post..Havent been upto it lately. Anyway, this is something that I was thinking about in bed last night. As an aside, this is the first time that something of intellectual consequence has occured to me when I wasn't in the potty!!..Getting back to the subject at hand, I have noticed that every "single" man I know (read "man who doesn't get any!!') seems to have a fuck-pillow!! Before you start guessing what I am trying to say, it is the pillow that a person uses ostensibly to hug.

The more I thought about it, the more convinced I was of the validity of this observation. More often than not, this pillow is hidden under the charade of the term "the-pillow-I-hug". Call it a euphemism, a charade, I dont care. Other times, it is a substitute for Mom. And I AM NOT TALKING LIKE A SEXUALLY DEMENTED PSYCHOPATH!! All I mean to say is that people say that they like to use hug-pillows because that was the way they slept in cold nights- hugging Ma. Sentimental, but DONT INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE DUDE!!

All my friends seem to be having them. My thoughts..its more to do with the want for intimacy than anything else. Now for the million-dollar question- Do I have one?! Yes I do (not that you care a twopennydamn about my "fuck-pillow"). With me, its not a need for intimacy (I am on the verge of cracking a few ribs laughing!). Its because I HAVE A NEED..A NEED TO BREED!!

But seriously, It is one thing that completes my experience of sleep. Its not like I screw my pilllow hollow! On the contrary, it is something that helps me get over the fact that there is nothing but thin air between me and the walls 8 feet away from me. I don't know why but I do not like that a bit.

Well nothing else of consequence tonight so.....Peace to all!


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