Saturday, June 11, 2005

This takes the Cake!!!

Correct me if you are in a position to do so, but there seems to be something about the Tucsonan air that makes me get the weirdest dreams!! Its not like my threshold for sanity is too high but this one was well...too much to handle!! The details are hazy but as far as I can remember, This is how it goes..

So the dream starts out with me being in China (Why the fuck?? Dont ask me!! Let me also tell you, this seems to be the most normal part of my dream). I am going through the Chinese territory and find myself at the official Sino-North Korean border. Let me tell you beforehand that I did not know until 3 minutes back that China and Korea (either North or South!!) shared a border. Before getting back to the dream, let me also tell you how I visualized the border-checkpost. This place is a dusty foot-wide road to walk on and is gated by two gates. One of the gates was on the Chinese side, manned by a Chinese soldier (wearing their army uniform with the hat which is rrrreally high just above the forehead) and the other was on the Korean side manned by a Korean armyman in the grey-green uniform and a similar hat. From the hazy recollections I have, the road from the Chinese side to the Korean side seemed to have been a sheltered walkway some 3-4 meters long..something like a tunnel. If you have seen the Wagah checkpost, the official Indo-Pakistan border, you will have a pretty good idea of what I am rambling about.

Getting back, I was on the Chinese side and managed to get onto the sheltered walkway past the Chinese gate. I was in no-man's land. This was when I realized that I did'nt have my passport with me and it was somewhere in CHINA!! I obviously was'nt allowed into North Korea!! Could'nt get back into China without my passport. In short, I am a nobody in no-man's land!! This was when I saw somebody coming from the Korean side into the Chinese side. I asked him who he was. He said that he was a U.N. delegate coming from Korea and was heading towards India next. I asked him to report to the Indian government about me. He said he would and advised me to get into N. Korea by hook or by crook!! After this, I was tracing the border when suddenly I came across an open area. I managed to get into Korean territory and found myself in a busy marketplace. All eyes were on me. I kept seeing plainclothed people armed with machine-guns manning various parts of the market. I did'nt know who these people where. These people, I noticed with a rather unhealthy mixture of fear and consciousness of being watched, were taking a keen interest on me. In the meanwhile, I was also "checking out" the ladies in the marketplace, giving mild hoots and 'hubba-hubba-hubba's at what seemed to be rather attractive specimens of the gentler sex, doing double-takes at the visual treat painted before me and in short thanking Adam for his rather magnanimous donation of his rib!!! It was as if my brain had an identity crisis and had started thinking that it was a penis ( a good one at that) and was acting like one! Anyways, as I kept doing this, the crowd of armed men gathered behind me and by the time I had walked 100 metres, There were 10-15 really mean-looking men behind me with machine-guns trained at me. The real, 3-dimensional me would have pissed in his pants. But hey, I was in a dream. I had balls of steel, ones lined with Titanium!! But obviously, I did'nt beat these people within an inch of their lives. I kept walking, doing the thing I was good at. I met this guy who was selling shady toys and hankerchiefs(??) in a street-side stall. His face was not mongoloid. I went and started asking about what he was selling. He started jabbering shit in Korean ( or Chinese or Vogonian for all I knew..fuck I needed that babel fish!!). I started blabbering something in Tamil and lo and behold...this guy started off in Tamil. Turned out that he was a Tamil who had come to N. Korea in search of better prospects. I mean when was the last time you heard of anybody coming to N. Korea (as in North 'I-will-rip-your-manhoodoff-you-if-you-so-much-as-breathed-without- my-permission' Korea) in search of better prospects! Anyways we started talking and I asked him who the hell the men with the guns were. He said that they were the "Thought Police" (fyi:The Thought Police were the policing agency in "1984", a book by George Orwell. Iread this book rather recently) and that they were behind me probably because I was indulging in something illegal. I told him about the "harmless hooting". He said that I was done for...
After this, I do not remember anything except that I managed to meet with the North Korean dictator and that I got my passport and managed to escape minutes before I was fucked..proper-fucked(See "Snatch"-you will know what I mean!!)
I dont care what you say, hell its the Tucsonan air I say!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, the sino-korea thing is akira kurosawa effect, (Ex.)china and the tunnel.
I must say ur "dreams" are pretty upto date.Need i Say it was weird.

10:18 AM, June 13, 2005  

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