Saturday, April 23, 2005

A person or a statistic??

The old man lies in the pyre. Soon, the ashes, bones and the miniscule neuronal connections in the brains of his loved ones that they call memory would be all that is left of him. The scars left by the lashes of Time are all but clear...The tired old man I can see. To the rest of the world he is just a statistic. Surely he has to mean something to somebody. I think he does too...I can see the smile of content on the tired face of his. All the beatings could'nt rid him of this. He has the final laugh

More often than not, one comes across an "ordinary person" who has braved the roughest tides. Been through the thick and the thin. Yet somehow, the person somehow doesnt manage to create an impression on you. At least not until its too late..He is just another "unlucky guy". Your heart goes out to him...But thats about it. I wonder why that is.


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