Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Vegas or Twilight Zone??

For once I am going to stop bullshiting and say it right away. I went to Vegas and hence I am broke!! Sounds like normalcy, does'nt it?!! Well to me it does'nt.

Do you want to know what my theory regarding this is? What?..No?..too bad, I am going to say it more thing. You dont have too much of a choice unless you go for "alt+F4" or something of that sort. Getting back to the subject.. my take on this is that Vegas is like a Black Hole, a Twilight Zone if you like;some place where time and money have no meaning. It seems to be like this whole new world where reality gets gnarled, twisted, warped and distorted into something else new and weird. Whats worse, you dont know what is real any more. Reality of the situation takes a back-seat to the glitter of the sin-city. Its like the state of mind of a person who has spent all his life in a 'Hall of Mirrors' and then walks out only to deal with an alternate, a more apparent reality that other specimens of the human race do not have eyes the size of pumpkins, legs the size of Cuban Cigars and have their heads above their hips when they walk!! Its the kind of place where a hundred dollar bill starts looking like a one dollar bill (mind you, its NEVER the other way!!). Its the place where you would have played poker, slot machines, blackjack and the works, spent a little more here, some more there(!!) for a minute or so on Friday night with the twenty dollars of cash that you had made up your mind to invest and before you know it, you are seven hundred dollars in the red and are already late for that Monday morning flight of yours!! A regular Jane you meet in Vegas somehow by a miracle of God gets transformed into that maiden you seemed to have dreamt about your entire adult life, are ready to propose to, marry in "Viva Las Vegas" with Elvis for the Minister, make out with in that Limo, have kids with and live happily ever after (A little more investigative prowess shown on the writer's part along with a pinch of common sense ..I wish it were that common..and a dash of awareness of self would have shown him that the "maiden" is 60 years old, is a hooker and will not even engage in her professional activities with the person concerned even for a fee, or should I say indemnity, of a million dollars.).

Anyways..the point of it being that what you see in Vegas has two REALITIES, one on the "Vegan Plane" and the other on the "Holistic Plane". Whatever you see in the Vegan plane , one thing is certain in the holistic sense, the casinos are going to pull your finances' pants down, grease it up and aim for penetration..metaphorically speaking (c/o "Snatch")!!

Now, where is that Ph.D of mine??!!


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