Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Weird Dream - An anti-climax at that too!!

I had the weirdest dream today...dont know what it was. Probably something I ate. At any rate, this dream was something worth talking about. I am not the one who remembers every one of my dreams. But this is as fresh as real life!!

So I am with my friends,omi, bharat and kshitiz. We are inside a strip-club that bharat has already been to and apparently recommends highly. It still is'nt opening time for the show. A lady comes to Kshitiz and asks him if she could give him a lap-dance. He promptly says,"No thanks" (absolutely predictable given his predisposition to such things!!). I find this girl quite attractive and ask her for one. She puts things rather sarcastically in words that I'd rather not discuss with people and basically says "fuck off"!! Apparently the showtime was about to start in another two minutes. It starts at this point in time and all of us are rushing towards the staging area to get the front row!! We find that the place is a restaurant as well and decide to dine there. All of us start taking our seats and all of a sudden there are lots more of my friends joining us (It was rather surprising to me that I had'nt realized that they were there with us all this while). While I am at it, I might as well tell you that the guys there were Pradeep, Pritish, Karthik Gopal, Rajan Thomas and Saju!! All of them seem to be be more or less the same as they were when I had seen them the previous time, the exception being Rajan who had grown his hair (this I think I dreamt because I recently got an orkut scrap from him saying he WAS growing his hair!!)..I ask them what the fuck they are doing in the US of A and they answered that they would be leaving on the 12th..I still remember the date!!

We start ordering stuff (tandoori...dont ask me how the fuck I was gettin it in an American strip-joint/restaurant..Its a ruddy dream) and all of a sudden more people start getting into the place..Indu G, Sumathi, Parthasarathy(who was my classmate till 10th and then was detained I dont know for what reason. Anyways we used to see each other occasionally and are close). I also remember seeing this senior of mine whose face I remember and whose name I couldnt recollect till a few minutes back..Her name is Anusha. She is my roomie's college senior. I shall probably ask him later what she is upto these days. Partha tells me to get some smoke. I said ok and get out of the place.

I come out and see that the place is Gandhi Nagar Ist Main Road in INDIA!! I think I walked out of Krishna Sweets and was walking towards my house (some 50 meters from the place) in pursuit of the Holy Smoke!! At any rate, as I was walking, I get the distinct feeling of resistance, a feeling that I was walking uphill. I could almost feel somebody holding onto my backpack (as to whose appearance I havent even a nebulous clue about!!)..This gets stronger and stronger and as I reach the gate of my apartment, I am barely able to walk. I am leaning forward at an angle of 45 degrees and am trying like crazy to move a ruddy inch; it was like lugging a ruddy sack of grains on my back!! I realize that somebody IS indeed puling it and I turn around to investigate..absolutely NOTHING!! I am pretty sure by this time that somebody was playing a prank on me. All of a sudden I have a flash of genius and I remove my backpack from my back in a single fluid motion. I turn around and guess what..the backpack is floating in the air..I hold it and give it a tug and run towards my house. I stop near the main entrance into the building for a moment,God knows why and look at my right hand..Its bleeding and is red with my blood!! The wounds are in streaks ( I remember that I actually made a mental note to myself in my dream that the wounds were streaks across my palm!!) . I walk towards my house and ring the door-bell. I see a few sandals lying at the threshold and realize there is someone in my house already. The hallway light, I realize as I see through the window, is not switched on. I dont get the head or tail of what is happening and am (im Marcellin's words) perplexed..

and this was when I woke up...The way I see it, it was a bleeding waste of time..You ask me why...because I didnt get a ruddy lap-dance at the end of it!!!

PS: I found out that the name of a theorem I had told somebody is called the Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.


Anonymous Rahul said...

(As Marcellin would say) Interesting.

Quick question, where did you get the dope from? :)

8:00 PM, May 08, 2005  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

was this last night, If yes the rewinding almost paid off.
Sweet & complete dreams for the next time.

10:31 PM, May 08, 2005  

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