Tuesday, September 23, 2008


For once, this life which seemed devoid of any direction seems to be shaping up into a life with purpose. I have decided that if I ever make it big, I am going to donate all my wealth to fund research on manufacture of bread slices resistant to Murphy's law (of course, its needless to say that I will blow up gas storage tanks while shouting out "Made it Ma! Top of the world!") .

It was the perfect setting. A man, sleepy and hungry at the same time, rummaging the fridge in search of nourishment. It is all he can could do to butter up two slices of bread. All of a sudden, the lid of the butter container is rolling down and he reaches out for it on an impulse. Next thing you know, you have not one but both the slices bread and a carpet which have exchanged buttery fluids! A lesser man when faced with such a rejection by the bronzed specimen of bread would have taken to a celibate bread-less life or have taken another slice of bread, laced it with strychnine and put an end to the farce that his bread-less life would be. But some of us are made of sterner stuff. We maintain the sang-froid and decide that such a thing shall never happen to us. We decide to devote the rest of our lives to research and make sure that no man who has been born into this beautiful world and breathed the air the good God gave us shall ever face the rejection that we have faced. By Jove, we shall put an end to it!

May the Force be with you!


Anonymous Nivi said...

Oh my god. This would totally split one's sides.Hilarious read. Reminded me of Jerome K Jerome.

Awesome. :) And I might chip in for your research as Murphy has played a huge role in my life, though not necessarily in the best of ways, hence the penchant for revenge!

P.S :You have been blogrolled :)

2:46 PM, September 25, 2008  

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