Friday, March 18, 2005

Leon Uris and 'The Exodus'

Just finished reading 'The Exodus'. It was a good novel. Thoroughly researched book and the fiction merges in to the facts like the teeth of a cog. Too bad i still am not ready to believe the story!! Dont take me wrong. Its not like I am an anti-semite ( although most of the menagerie that I call my 'friends-circle' would think so!!). But then, there are three sides to any story, 'my story, his story and the truth!!'. Until I know the other side, I really am in no position to decide. I have seen too many raids of Israeli Air Force into the Palestinian region for me to believe the book!

Coming back to my 'anti-semite' attitude, its just because I happen to like Hitler a lot. This is not because he was an anti-semite. In fact this is one particular perversion of his character that I happen to hate. Its got more to do with the fact that he was single-handedly able to rule a single nation with nothing more than the power of his words. I mean, how many people do you know who can do this! Think about this..the morale of a nation that has lost a war would be at an all-time ebb. what with all the hunger and poverty and everything.. And this man was able to successfully take national pride and esteem to an all-time high...I wish I had the his powers.

I sometimes think what if I had the power to rule my Motherland for a day. Wonder what I would do. Hiring a million concubines for myself for the rest of my life would be the order of the day!! I would like to think of this at least. However, I'd rather do things that are more worth the while...too many things and too little time..rather not think about it when I am drunk!!

and by the way...SKK...for the record, I think you are the one of the most mature ladies I have met in a long time. You would be a perfect wife and the best friend a man could possibly have ( whoever that is!!). Also FYI I LOVE YOU!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh my god!! what can i say u made my day. really. thanks a lot. can i say in some ways the feeling in mutual.are u drunk???

10:03 AM, March 18, 2005  

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