Monday, March 21, 2005

Seeking mercy..please spare my ass!!

At this point in time, the life of a snail sliding down a razor's edge using it's balls for brakes looks blissful to me!!
Was suddenly reminded last night about "Moon and Sixpence". I felt like Charles least I would like to think that I did! I really could'nt take it that far though. I mean I do not want to be a social outcast, in a self-imposed incarceration. NOT ME!!. But then, I dont mind the "bliss of solitude". Neither here nor there!!..Anyways, the questions I kept asking myself were "WTF?!!" and "What's the point of it all?". Not likely to get any nearer to the solution.

God...please spare my ass!!

Friday, March 18, 2005

Leon Uris and 'The Exodus'

Just finished reading 'The Exodus'. It was a good novel. Thoroughly researched book and the fiction merges in to the facts like the teeth of a cog. Too bad i still am not ready to believe the story!! Dont take me wrong. Its not like I am an anti-semite ( although most of the menagerie that I call my 'friends-circle' would think so!!). But then, there are three sides to any story, 'my story, his story and the truth!!'. Until I know the other side, I really am in no position to decide. I have seen too many raids of Israeli Air Force into the Palestinian region for me to believe the book!

Coming back to my 'anti-semite' attitude, its just because I happen to like Hitler a lot. This is not because he was an anti-semite. In fact this is one particular perversion of his character that I happen to hate. Its got more to do with the fact that he was single-handedly able to rule a single nation with nothing more than the power of his words. I mean, how many people do you know who can do this! Think about this..the morale of a nation that has lost a war would be at an all-time ebb. what with all the hunger and poverty and everything.. And this man was able to successfully take national pride and esteem to an all-time high...I wish I had the his powers.

I sometimes think what if I had the power to rule my Motherland for a day. Wonder what I would do. Hiring a million concubines for myself for the rest of my life would be the order of the day!! I would like to think of this at least. However, I'd rather do things that are more worth the while...too many things and too little time..rather not think about it when I am drunk!!

and by the way...SKK...for the record, I think you are the one of the most mature ladies I have met in a long time. You would be a perfect wife and the best friend a man could possibly have ( whoever that is!!). Also FYI I LOVE YOU!!